One-of-a-Kind – Falconer Knife No. 15 (long)

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One-of-a-Kind – Falconer Knife No. 15 (long)
  • Specially adapted hunting knife for falconry with birds of prey.
  • Top of the line craftsmanship – with magnificent ornament engravings
  • Unparalleled Damascus steel blade – 360-layered meteorite damask with Torsions pattern.
  • Premium quality unrivaled piece for the passionate Falconer and collector




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  • Once the raptor has caught the prey, it is brought back alive to the falconer who then must kill it. In this process the claws of the bird should not be injured, which is prevented by the special process in which the fixed blade has been ground. Falconer knives in this way are unique because only the first 2-3cm are sharpened, while the rest of the blade remains blunt down to the handle of the knife. An arcuate notch clearly marks the transition between sharp and blunt blade sections.
  • The traditional German welding process that was incorporated into creating this non-rustproof, 360-layered meteorite damask is what gives the knife its unique character. Thereby, a variety of high quality tool steels and 4.5 billion years old iron meteorite were melted together, making an extremely sharp and resistant blade.
  • A renowned Austrian knife maker developed the knife exclusively for GASTON. It is delivered in a cow-hide leather scabbard with a practical push-button and belt-loop.
  • Exquisite ornament engravings complete the handguards and refine the handle head.
  • The brown handle is made of made of stabilized mammoth core material. Hand protection, bolster and handle head are made of bronze.
  • Further information about the meteorite damask and the creation process can be found here.
  • Color:
    • Handle: Mammoth core material brown
    • Leather Scabbard: brown
  • Characteristics:
    • Total length: 350 mm
    • Blade length: 220 mm
    • Maximum thickness of the blade: 6 mm
    • Weight: 300 g
    • Harness: 60 HRC
    • Pattern: Torsions damask
  • Please note: delivery time can take several weeks.