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One-of-a-kind Kitchen Knife – Araucaria Handle

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One-of-a-kind Kitchen Knife – Araucaria Handle

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  • This hand-forged fine kitchen knife was made from a recycled Damascus sword
  • The perfect knife for after the hunt – a high-tech kitchen complemented by an historic Damascus piece
  • An elegant wooden stand for visible storage



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  • The art of blacksmith for the kitchen – a Damascus knife, always sharp and resharpenable, made of historical steel. (60 HRC)
  • Highly contrasting Damascus steel with a normal, middle cone end blade
  • Ferrule made of titanium
  • The handle is made of natural wood from the Araucaria (a pine brown color) and perfectly meets the requirements of the kitchen
  • The decorative knife stand is hand-finished
  • Please note: delivery time for this unique item can take several weeks
  • Key measurements: 
    • Total length: 11.41 inches (290 mm)
    • Blade length: 6.50 inches (165 mm)
    • Blade strength: 0.09 inches (2.5 mm)