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Health is such a valuable commodity that we must care for and protect it from the start. Even small building blocks in our daily lives, especially in our leisure activities and while participating in sports, can contribute to our well-being. Our company philosophy is aimed at this.

We pay close attention to maintaining and promoting health:  on a small scale when using our products and on a large scale in the manufacturing process of our products.

The HEALTH symbol identifies products which can help maintain optimal well-being.  We will also provide specific message points which will serve to support and promote our well-being under HEALTH information.


Recoil Protectors

Shoulder holster with 8-mm SoftShoot Pad

  • Protects the shoulder from unpleasant recoil
  • Up to 50% less recoil
  • SoftShoot-Pad made of shock-absorbing foam
  • Second pad option for maximum protection
  • Infinitely adjustable chest strap

38% average reduction in shooting tests with different calibers and aiming positions







Clothing for People Who Suffer From Allergies

The number of the environmental influences on humans has dramatically increased in recent decades.

More people suffer today from allergies originating not only from polluted air and water, but from the ubiquitous use of chemicals that are used for cleaning, pest control or as growth stimulants.

We come into contact with these chemical compounds through the food that we eat, the air we breathe and physical contact with others, all of which are not always beneficial to our health.

Therefore, it is important to support the manufacture of products that forgo the use of these harmful chemicals or keep their use to a minimum.

Our fabrics, which are produced according to the OEKO Standard, are free of these pollutants, are especially skin-friendly and are ideal for individuals suffering from allergies.

We absorb air, light, moisture and of course other elements through our skin.

As a result, it is beneficial for us to pay particular attention to organic products when making purchasing decisions.

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