GR Shooting Belt

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Guga Ribas Shooting Belt – black
  • Performance driven – small details decide the success of the competition in practical shooting. The GR Shooting Belt was accordingly developed and optimized with great care.
  • Sturdy, even with heavy use – the special construction of the Guga Ribas Shooting Belt doesn’t budge under the weight of a pistol, a magazine pouch, and other shooting accessories. Even when a weapon is extracted, the belt guarantees maximum stability, ensuring a shooter's best possible performance.
  • Comfortable and lightweight – a nylon-lined inner steel frame reduces volume and weight. The added convenience allows you to fully concentrate on your target, while also being able to withstand the weight of the pistol, mag pouches, and other accessories.



Ships From: Nuremberg, Germany


  • Versatility – the GR Holsters (Pistol and Revolver) and GR Magazine Pouches (Standard, Frontal and Lateral) can easily be attached or removed from the GR Shooting Belt, maintaining all adjustments and positioning.
  • Stability – the steel frame guarantees the strength and rigidity of the belt and the stability of the components mounted on it. So you can be sure that everything is firmly in place!
  • Fixed in place – the inner belt with soft-sided Velcro on the outside can easily be pulled through pant loops, while the outer belt with rough-sided Velcro ensures that the equipment fits securely. Both parts of the belt can be connected at lightning speed with a Velcro strap.
  • Easy decoupling – facilitates the transport and storage of your equipment.
  • Lifetime warranty – the GR Shooting Belt has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Further information can be found here (opens a new window).
  • Additional Details:
    • Color: black
    • Width: 1.6"
    • Sizes: available in 40”, 43”, 47”, 51”, 55”, and 59”
      • The above-listed sizes refer to the OBL (Overall Belt Length). Please measure your waist before ordering and add a recommend 6-8 inches of overlap. Always size up, rather than down, to allow for the gear you will be adding to your belt.
    • Material:
      • steel, nylon