GR Universal Holster for Pistol

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Guga Ribas Holster – black
  • One for all – the world's only universal holster by Guga Ribas that works with all IPSC pistols. Also suitable for weapons with asymmetric trigger guards such as HK, Walther, and SIG SAUER.
  • Perfection on all levels – this holster combines versatility, speed, quality, and safety.
  • Lifetime warranty – the GR Holster has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. More information can be found here (opens a new window).



Ships From: Nuremberg, Germany


  • Highest durability – the holster was developed with high-performance PARA polymer. This guarantees lower weight and higher equivalent resistance than conventional materials, allowing you to stow your weapon without risk.
  • Safety first – after adjusting it to your pistol, the holster reliably secures the weapon with an active and a passive latch lock. The passive latch lock is activated automatically when the gun is inserted into the holster, and releases when the gun is drawn, without affecting its function.
  • Highly customizable – the holster allows for adjustments in height, angle, and draw pressure, and offers safety locks. Here you will find a video from GR in which detailed instructions are given for adjusting the holster. here (opens a new window).
  • Effortless and comfortable – can be disconnected from the handle and removed from the belt without losing any of its adjustments (including the position of the holster on the belt). As a result, the transport and storage of the weapon is simplified and more convenient.
  • Interchangeable with NEO GR Universal Closed Holster
  • Available for left and right-handed shooters.
  • Additional details:
    • Color: black
    • Sizes: right-handed, left-handed
    • Material:
      • steel, PARA polymer