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Enamel Shoehorn

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Enamel Shoehorn

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Enamel Shoehorn


  • Enamel – the material of the Kings of the Occident.
  • Even 3,500 years ago, the rulers of the day recognized its durability and beauty and appreciated the splendor of this noble molten glass coating.
  • In the last century, shoehorns were used at every royal court for comfortably slipping into one's riding boots.
  • Metal shoehorn with enamel coating meeting the highest hygiene standards, is durable and fulfills all of our current environmental requirements.



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  • Long, narrow and smooth  – for an elegant glide with rough woolen socks into boots made of stiff leather, this is how the royals and lords of the manor wanted it.
  • The shoehorn is entirely coated in light beige enamel
  • Hang the shoehorn conveniently on a wall hook and enjoy the view.
  • This enamel utensil fulfills all beauty, hygiene and durability requirements.
  • It is completely biodegradable.
  • Color: eggshell
  • Material:
    • Shoehorn made of metal
    • Glass coating consists of: quartz, feldspar, borax, sodium carbonate, potash, metal oxides
  • Each piece is unique. The hand crafting process can result in irregularities or small blemishes but has no impact on quality.