GR Full-Day-Shooting Backpack

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Guga Ribas Full-Day-Shooting Backpack
  • Everything in place – the Guga Ribas FDS Shooting Backpack makes it easy to stow away and carry all your shooting gear.
  • Appealing design – developed by Augusto Ribas himself to meet all the requirements of Practical Shooting athletes.
  • Perfectly balanced – the heavy load of weapons and ammunition is optimally balanced while keeping your hands free.
  • Lifetime warranty – all Guga Ribas products have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. More information can be found here (opens a new window).



Ships From: Nuremberg, Germany


  • Laying out in front of you are two weapons enclosed in gun cases, various magazines, a shooting belt, ammo boxes, ear protection and everything else you needed for the day of the competition. In no time flat, everything is neatly stowed in the GR FDS Shooting Backpack and you are on your way to the shooting range with the good feeling that you have everything with you.
  • Waterproof and breathable – this Guga Ribas Shooting Backpack is made of waterproof material with a breathable fabric on the back and shoulders.
  • Stable – its lightweight aluminum frame and MDF panels add comfort and stability. The anatomically shaped plastic handle on the strap is comfortable to grasp, even if the backpack is fully loaded.
  • Well stowed – the backpack offers multiple compartments and dividers to meet the shooter's personal needs while keeping everything organized and in place.
    • Four differently-sized outer pockets with zippers, one of them padded.
    • Two patch pockets with zipper for stowing e.g. a gun case.
    • A large zippered pocket on the back of the backpack.
    • A rubberized zippered inside pocket on the back of the top lid, for keeping e.g. personal documents or tournament summaries close at hand.
    • A cup holder inside the main compartment.
    • Mesh bag with cord and stopper on the inside of the main compartment.
    • Six narrow slots at the back of the main compartment for magazines and other accessories.
    • A large zipper at the bottom of the backpack allows direct access to the main compartment without having to open the lid. The lower area can be separated from the rest of the main compartment by a liner (included).
  • Durable – a special coating on the base additionally protects the backpack from mud, rocks and other surfaces.
  • Ideal for all other leisure activities in which heavy items need to be arranged and transported safely.
  • Additional Details:
    • Color: black
    • Empty weight: approx. 7 lbs
    • Material:
      • synthetic